Classical music in Austria

Vienna is the city of the Golden Hall, world-famous for its New Year’s Concert. The city vibrates with classical music – opera, ballet, concerts – nowhere else you can see so many high-class performances in a short time.

Salzburg is the city where the composer Mozart was born, and the Salzburg Festival has many times been called the world’s most important classical-music festival.

So Me Travel takes music students and professionals on an unforgettable trip to both cities and to a one- or two-week-long Music Camp in Austria.

This trip is designed for musicians longing to follow in the footsteps of the great masters of all time. It is also ideal for those seeking to combine a unique trip with advancement on their musical instruments, who want to connect with teachers from Europe’s most renowned music schools and universities, or prepare for a music exam whilst making international friends through music.

So Me Travel will be with the students from day one, showing them places like the Golden Hall and the opera in Vienna, but also taking them on a fun Sound of Music trip in Salzburg.

The Music Camp offers Master Classes for musicians from 16 to 99 years old and Youth Camps for children from 8 to 18 years.


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