Bauhaus 100

Join us for a bespoke travel experience through Germany to celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus. 

The Bauhaus Movement  - Shaping 20th century design. Trips starting October, 2019. 


During this special trip for the Bauhaus Anniversary, you will be able to experience the best examples of the Bauhaus Movement from Weimar to Dessau and Berlin. Both in Weimar and Dessau, newly built Bauhaus Museums will open their doors in 2019The Bauhaus Movement will be one of the threads used to weave this unique trip organised by So Me Travel in 2019, accompanied by an art historian and led by professors who are specialists in classical modernism. 

Highlights of the Bauhaus100 Trip:

  • New Bauhaus Museum in Weimar

  • New Bauhaus Museum in Dessau

  • Expert talk by the Director of the Weimar Classic Museum Trust

  • Baroque Treasures of Dresden

  • Expert talk by the Director General of the Dresden State Art Collections

  • Overnight stay at a real Bauhaus Studio

  • A Bauhaus expert will accompany the trip

  • Berlin: 30 years after the fall of the Wall