So Me Travel opens doors for discerning clients into the world of Europe’s rich music, art, culture and heritage. 
With us, enjoy private invitations to estates and collections that are otherwise off-limits to the public. 



We work with a range of private art clubs and multinational companies, who reach out to us to help them curate one-of-a-kind experiences for their members, clients, and key partners. Our customers understand that their sophisticated clientele, well-travelled and knowledgeable, require experiences that are beyond the ordinary. So Me Travel delivers through our network of culture professionals and access to private collections and property.

“What an amazing itinerary you have put together for us with all your personal touch and contacts. Everyone had a fabulous time and I really appreciate your extra thoughts of getting the chauffeured cars to drive us back to Kogl, getting the portable WiFi, and being really on top of all the little requests from our members."  

“Thanks to everyone’s cooperative spirit, the tightly scheduled itinerary went like a dream with Sophie’s polite yet effective lead. We are grateful for the range of very interesting hosts and experts which went a long way to enrich our experience.”



Whether it’s for a small group of friends or family, we cater to groups of six and above. You may have a keen interest in European history, musical movements or artistic genres, or even wish to retrace the footsteps of certain luminaries – whatever it is, we help clients like you craft travel experiences that gratify  your interests and broaden your mind. 

The journey may begin as you are welcomed as honoured guests, and be privy to the experience, if you so choose, of living in a castle. You can be invited to private viewings of family art collections and to go behind-the-scenes at world-renowned concerts where our highly-qualified cultural experts help take the understanding and appreciation to a new level. Throughout the trip, a  So Me Travel representative accompanies the group to ensure a smooth travel experience. 

Our clients find the personal connections they make with their hosts, often colourful personalities, very rewarding -- as these connections bring the host culture and heritage to life.

“Exhilarating experiences of great company, sounds and senses... new friendships were made.
I must congratulate you for the great work you have done.."  

“We visited such beautiful spots and castles and at such a comfortable pace, that I shall always remember this trip fondly!”


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