So Me Travel aims to curate cultural connections and support heritage and the arts.

We are a bespoke travel company for discerning clients.

So Me Travel provide bespoke travel experiences in Europe for members of clubs, associations and multinational companies, as well as individuals who are deeply interested in culture, the Arts or classical music. Our travel experiences are always exclusive and authentic, and through our personal network, we provide our guests with a unique opportunity to open doors to palaces and castles that are normally closed to the public. We can show these secret jewels only to a select few.

Our Story

In 2015, So Me Travel members were the first Asian visitors to be received at selected private castles in Austria. These castles are jewels that cannot be found in any guidebook because they are private homes and not museums. They reveal remnants of the beauty and wealth of the Austrian monarchy, its antique furniture, opulent rose gardens and parks, century-old libraries, as well as the most important family art collection in Europe. Because of the success on both sides - guests and hosts - we have been able to replicate our invitation-only-model in castles in Germany, Italy and Eastern Europe.

Our Strength

With our corporate and club clients, we’ve curated a rich array of themed tours including those focusing on art and architecture in celebration of Viennese Modernism in Austria, and the Bauhaus movement in Germany.

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with music festivals in Europe, especially the Salzburg Festival, we are able  to secure great seats and special access offered through our highly popular classical music trips.


Each year, we donate a share of our profit as patrons to the Salzburg Festival and to select charitable organisations supporting the arts in Hong Kong. Through our work, we are also supporting the preservation of historical buildings in Europe.

We take great pride and pleasure in raising awareness about Central Europe's and especially Austria's rich cultural heritage by connecting international clients with interesting personalities of distinguished provenance. 

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