“We pick you up where from where you are standing.”  Music camps for young strings, pianists and flutists, as well as chamber musicians. The youth camps not only offer a fantastic opportunity to prepare for a music competition or an exam, they also help children to improve their music pieces and exchange musical experience with children and youth from all around the world.


Departure from Hong Kong: 21.7.2019 (Sunday) 

22.7.2019 Arrival at Munich Airport. Pick-up by your driver. Transfer to Zell an der Pram, Location of the Music Camp (2hour20min ride). You will arrive in the morning, check into your room. The official program of the Music Camp starts at 6pm with a come-together in the Festive Hall, followed by dinner.

6 days of music camp

Youth Camp Program
Daily 40 minutes individual lessons, additional training in rhythmics, sight-reading for pianists, free use of piano instruments and of the practising premises, a workshop-concert, a public final concert admission free for participants and visitors, consultation advice for participants, teachers and parents at the end of the course week, all classes open for listeners, free use of the WLAN.

 Day-to-Day Schedule

8am Breakfast

9am Rhythm Training

40 min individual lesson (morningor afternoon, will be announced on the board every day)

1pm Lunch

Afternoon: practise by yourself and listen to other students’ classes, play games

6.30pm Dinner

7.30pm Orchestra for the strings, sight-reading for piano

10pm Go to sleep (teachers control that all lights go out)

Training Program
You can freely choose your music program for the course. The main focus with beginners and advanced students lies in specific individual support in technique and in interpreting your selected program. We will work on an improvement of your musical power of expression and the promotion of your musical personality and find ways to independent interpretation. Correct exercises, practicing playing by heart, the correct posture at the instrument and correct respiration are also main components of the course work. We deal with coping any fears of performance, among others, by mental training, by mutual recitals in group lessons, in the workshop concert and during the public final concert, and by preparing for competitions and exams.

There will be enough time and rooms for individual rehearsal, the rehearsal periods will be organized.

General information for Youth Camps:


The camp starts at 6 pm with a get-together in the Festival Hall, followed by dinner. 
The camp ends after the public concert, which starts at 11 am in the Knights Hall of the castle.

Invited are
Young pianists of every nation from 8 up to age 18 from Universities, Music schools, Conservatories or from private teachers.Requirements:We expect an adequate selection of the course program according to your skills and age, preferably in consultation with your teacher. You should be able to play at least works at the level of very easy Sonatinas, simple pieces from the "Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach" or easier pieces from R. Schumann's "Album für die Jugend".

Leisure Time

There are sports grounds and a gym for ball games, table tennis and more. Students will certainly have time for swimming or a trip to explore the surroundings of Zell an der Pram.

Final Concert
The classes end with a public concert in the Knights Hall of the castle. The participants will be selected by the professors.

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