We offer high-end but local and one-of-a-kind cultural experiences. On your visits of art galleries, museums and castles, you will be introduced to the directors and owners and go on private tours led by leading experts in their fields.

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Discover hidden jewels like private castles that you won’t find in any guidebook and get to know the people who live in them, descendants of distinguished families with histories reaching far into the past.  

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Classical Music

From Vienna, the heart of Classical Music, we connect you with some of the world’s most renowned festivals and concerts. We organise hard-to-get tickets and invite behind-the-scenes experts for an exclusive music talk.

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So Me Travel offers discerning and exclusive travel experiences that cover the three Cs: Culture, Castles and Classical Music. We open doors that are otherwise closed, offering authentic glimpses into European history and culture. Our motto, “by invitation only,” refers to places normally closed to the public. During their trip, our members will welcomed exclusively as honoured guests, privy to the experience of living in a castle, private viewings of family art collections in palaces, and going behind-the-scenes in world renown concerts.

For those who desire further insight into European culture, So Me also offers music camps, wedding packages, wine tastings and seminars and lectures upon request.


We provide tailor-made travel experiences in Europe for members of clubs, associations and groups, as well as individuals who are deeply interested in culture, castles or classical music. Our travel experiences are always exclusive and authentic. Through our personal network of private castle owners, we provide our guests with a unique opportunity to open doors to palaces and castles that are normally closed to the public. We can show these secret jewels only to a select few.

In 2015, So Me Travel members were the first Chinese visitors to be guests in selected private castles in Austria. These castles are jewels that cannot be found in any guidebook because they are private homes and not museums. They reveal true remnants of the beauty and wealth of the Austrian monarchy— antique furniture, opulent rose gardens and parks, century-old libraries, as well as the most important family arts collection in Europe. Because of the success on both sides - guests and hosts - we have been able to replicate our invitation-only-model in castles in Germany, Italy and Eastern Europe.

The world’s best composers, festivals and schools of classical music are found in Germany and Austria. We connect China’s music students with the musical elite in Europe by taking them to renowned festivals such as the Salzburg, Baden-Baden and Bregenz Festivals; concerts, like the New Year’s Concert in Vienna; as well as music camps for those who themselves dream of becoming musicians.

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Classical music in Austria

Vienna is the city of the Golden Hall, world-famous for its New Year’s Concert. The city vibrates with classical music – opera, ballet, concerts – nowhere else you can see so many high-class performances in a short time.

Salzburg is the city where the composer Mozart was born, and the Salzburg Festival has many times been called the world’s most important classical-music festival.

So Me Travel takes music students and professionals on an unforgettable trip to both cities and to a one- or two-week-long Music Camp in Austria.

This trip is designed for musicians longing to follow in the footsteps of the great masters of all time. It is also ideal for those seeking to combine a unique trip with advancement on their musical instruments, who want to connect with teachers from Europe’s most renowned music schools and universities, or prepare for a music exam whilst making international friends through music.

So Me Travel will be with the students from day one, showing them places like the Golden Hall and the opera in Vienna, but also taking them on a fun Sound of Music trip in Salzburg.

The Music Camp offers Master Classes for musicians from 16 to 99 years old and Youth Camps for children from 8 to 18 years.


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See what our guests are saying

Thanks to everyone’s cooperative spirit the tightly scheduled itinerary went like a dream with Sophie’s polite yet effective lead. We are grateful of the range of very interesting hosts and experts which went a long way to enrich our experience.
— Guest (Friends of the HK Museum of Art Group), May 2018
What an amazing itinerary you have put together for us with all your personal touch and contacts. Everyone had a fabulous time and I really appreciate your extra thoughts of getting the chauffeured cars to drive us back to Kogl, getting the portable WiFi, and being really on top of all the little requests from our members.
— Guest (HKU Museum Society Group), July 2018
Thank you for this trip! It was a perfect trip! A mix of culture, architecture, and country side! This was really the most memorable trip I have had.
— Guest (Friends of the HK Museum of Art Group), May 2018
We visited such beautiful spots and castles and at such a comfortable pace, that I shall always remember this trip fondly!
— Guest (HKU Museum Society Group), July 2018
Exhilarating experiences of great company, sounds and friendships were made. I must congratulate you for the great work you have done...
— Guest from Singapore (HKU Museum Society Group), July 2016
这是一家能提供私人定制服务和美妙体验的旅行社。你可以有机会来到很多有趣的地方,接触到权贵们,这是花钱也没法买到的。So Me travel 给我们提供了一个深入了解欧洲文化的平台,它也是组织会议,婚礼和重要活动的最佳选择之一。
— Ingrid Sun, Shanghai, July 2015
So Me Travel旅行社是我参加过的最特别的旅行社,去年夏天我参加他们组织的旅行团让我跟朋友一生难忘。 在奥地利总共是5天的行程,住宿安排在了当地最豪华酒店,在路上还安排住宿在“音乐之声”的城堡(据说只是他们可以提供的城堡住宿之一),而且住在城堡里的贵族都出来迎接,而且我们就面对面和他们喝下午茶,交流文化,这么近距离的可以跟一些我平常都无法接触的贵族聊天,听他们讲家族故事,真的像在电影当中,有种穿越的感觉! 反正我根我朋友都觉得这真是太特别,太难得了! 估计就一辈子一次这样的经历! 第二天还竟然亲自见到了列支敦士登的王子!那么和蔼可亲!带团的苏菲女士安排的旅途劳逸安排非常妥当,其实如果累了,也可以提出,她很乐意临时改变一下行程。吃的不是那种中国人都去吃的餐馆,他们安排了本地最地道的,平时旅行团不会去的地方。在维也纳还安排了一次金色大厅的演出 -这也是一辈子要去做的一件事情。这个价格能让我看到最特别的东西,特别值!下次我肯定还要参加!
— Emma Liang, Shanghai, July 2015

Corporate trips

Hong Kong University Museum Society: Tailor-made trip on the occasion of the Baden-Baden Festival’s 20-year-anniversary, July 2018; More info:

Hong Kong Friends of the Museum of Art: Tailor-made architecture trip on the occasion of “100 years of Viennese Modernism”, May 2018

Hong Kong University Museum Society: Tailor-made trip on the occasion of the Salzburg Festival, July 2016

Ferrari China: 3 yearly press trips to Italy for car launches, since 2016

Lemen Group Shanghai: Music school exchange and workshop with the Mozarteum University Salzburg, summer 2016


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